Dive into the Fusion of University Life and Downtown Vibrancy


Downtown Vibes, Suburban Comfort

Nestled in vibrant Downtown Eugene, 13th & Olive offers the perfect blend of city life and academic proximity. Just a short stroll from the University of Oregon, experience the best of both worlds: the pulse of downtown and the convenience of campus living.


Where City Meets Campus

Location is paramount, and 13th & Olive’s central position in Downtown Eugene is unparalleled.

Situated just minutes from the University of Oregon, our community guarantees you’re always timely for lectures while relishing the peace of off-campus living. The Willamette River, with its serene flow, is just around the corner, inviting for weekend strolls or study breaks by its banks.

The neighborhood bustles with local boutiques, enticing cafes, and art venues reflecting Eugene’s vibrant culture. And when the call for a change of scenery hits? The scenic landscapes of Oregon and the broader Pacific Northwest are within easy reach.

As a student at the University of Oregon, choosing your next home goes beyond finding a place to rest; it’s about picking a community that enhances your academic journey, nurtures your personal development, and honors your individual path.

Here at 13th & Olive, you’re not just a tenant โ€“ you’re part of our community. Our team, seasoned in student housing, recognizes the distinct challenges and goals of university life. We’re here to assist, mentor, and ensure your collegiate experience is as enriching as you envisioned.


Discover Downtown with 13th & Olive

Immerse yourself in a neighborhood where culture, academia, and urban vibrancy intertwine, all just steps from your front door.

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Embracing Eugene: A Scholar's Haven

Tucked between rich cultural landmarks and contemporary hubs, student life in Eugene delivers a harmonious blend of experiences. Whether you’re strolling along the serene Willamette River or exchanging innovative thoughts at a local cafรฉ, Eugene is the canvas for unforgettable moments.


Campus & Cultural Life in Eugene

Step into the heart of Eugene, where academic endeavors intertwine with a rich cultural tapestry, ensuring every University of Oregon student’s journey is enlightening and memorable.

Dynamic Campus Life
Eugene, proudly hosting the University of Oregon, offers students a blend of rigorous academic pursuits and diverse recreational activities. The serene Willamette River and the bustling downtown provide perfect spots for both study and leisure.

Duck Pride Everywhere
Green and yellow colors resonate throughout the city, showcasing the unwavering university spirit. From thrilling football matches to local businesses supporting students, Duck pride is omnipresent.

Cultural Mosaic
Eugene celebrates a vibrant cultural scene. With students from all corners of the globe, the city is alive with art walks, international culinary delights, and festivals that honor its diverse heritage.

Music and Celebrations
Drawing inspiration from Oregon’s rich musical history, Eugene’s music scene is ever-evolving. Live performances in local venues and annual events echo the city’s love for melodies and rhythms.

Entrepreneurial Drive
A flourishing local business environment, amplified by University of Oregon alumni-led ventures, offers students invaluable internships and career growth opportunities.


Lifestyle & Community in Eugene

Nestled between nature’s beauty and urban sophistication, Eugene offers a harmonious blend of exploration and relaxation, all within a supportive community that cherishes its members.

Nature’s Charm Meets Urban Elegance
Eugene beautifully combines the tranquility of nature with urban conveniences. Whether kayaking on the Willamette River or enjoying live music downtown, students experience the best of both realms.

Gateway to Adventure
The allure of outdoor activities is ever-present in Eugene, with nearby forests to explore, pristine waters to navigate, and parks that beckon for hiking and picnics.

Sustainable Living
Eugene’s commitment to green initiatives is evident both on-campus and city-wide. Students actively participate in environmental activities, from river clean-ups to community gardening.

Affordable Yet Chic
Eugene offers the charm of a picturesque town with the perks of urban living. Trendy boutiques, artisanal cafes, and cozy eateries ensure a stylish lifestyle without stretching budgets.

Tight-Knit Community
The bond between the university community and Eugene’s residents ensures that students are earning a degree and becoming part of a family that supports and uplifts each other.

Beyond Ordinary: The 13th & Olive Experience

At 13th & Olive, we offer more than just apartments; we present a lifestyle that stands distinctively in Eugene. From our exclusive amenities to our dedication to superior service, every facet is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living journey. Dive into what truly differentiates us and embrace a realm of unparalleled comfort, convenience, and camaraderie.

Two resort-style pools open year-round ๐ŸŒŠ
Direct EMX bus line access to campus ๐ŸšŒ
Modern apartments and townhomes ๐Ÿ 
2, 3 & 4 bedroom options ๐Ÿ˜
Pet-friendly environment ๐Ÿถ
Two 24-hour fitness centers ๐Ÿ’ช